Bespoke solutions require a custom approach

Cherry Labs provides a variety of services from simple design and manufacturing projects for branded business gifts to sophisticated prototype design and construction.

We apply a combination of bespoke software, custom electronics and short run production capacity to quickly and efficiently solve problems.


Custom orders and batch production

Customize any of our products for your needs

Thanks to our use of modern manufacturing and design techniques we can easily and quickly modify any of our existing in-house designs for your needs. Add a company logo, event information or a complete custom business card


3D Digital Design

Additive and subtractive manufacturing

Significant experience in designing and short run production of unique 3D printed designs allows us to rapidly develop prototypes for customers. The process of repeatedly changing a design and 3D printing a new prototype saves a lot of time and resources on the way to a finished product.


Software Design

Custom software and web services

Software is at the heart of most new technologies. This one-stop prototyping shop is fully capable of delivering bespoke software solutions for your design.



Electronics prototyping and design

Years of experience building custom electronics and prototypes allows us to easily and quickly achieve your goals and solve problems.